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Intermedia Studios® provides focused and effective transmedia production services, delivering world class content and high technology electronic tools designed according to your audience's profile and oriented to its culture, language, or general activities using different types of technologies for Application Development such as audio, video, animation or augmented reality, all to help your stories be persuasive, sensational and highly engaging.

Our destination marketing, hospitality and real estate solutions are developed to meet today’s market needs. Our digital media solutions deliver an integrated and highly-sophisticated approach to the hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, amusement parks and other entertainment and accommodations businesses generating results.
There's a reason Government Agencies and International Corporations reach out to Intermedia Studios® to develop their tools.
Our extensive experience with world class companies around the globe provide pin pointed solutions to virtually any need when it comes to
creating engaging content on any communication platform.
Learn how global leader in educational publishing and quality content Pearson (NYSE: PSO) has found in our studio a partner to lead in Latin America's emerging markets with a series of gaming solutios that reinforce English Language Teaching (ELT) throughout a variety of cutting edge digital media that not only entertains but also spreads knowledge.


Get your story straight.

Maybe you think you have a solid brand that everyone is familiar with and maybe, just maybe and for the sake of this article, let’s imagine it’s true. Regardless the type of service or product your brand represents, what is a constant, is that in our era of pervasive communication where your goal is to create an effect on the millennial population with the buying power and who start to be influential in their corporations.

True transmedia branding allows properties like your own to create a set of narratives that speak to your target, pinpointing their interests and through a broader spectrum of platforms deliver alternate content that feeds their cravings via al sorts of digital applications.

But don’t get me wrong, when I say applications I don’t necessarily mean “Apps” as in the kind you download from your mobile device. Any application, mobile or not, can serve your transmedia storytelling objectives and depending on your audience, this application as well as the platform must adapt.

Lately we hear more and more the term "Saga" applied to books, movies and video games that are not necessarily Nordic or Icelandic stories, but what they do depict is a hero every single time, the thing is, every single product or service you offer is destined to be a hero, so let’s build a storyline around it, in which there are adversaries, challenges and success. 

Transmedia storytelling offers you the opportunity to integrate your product or service within a multiverse you design, you delimit and for which you establish the rules relying on any known platform to distribute your target’s “world of mouth” and be the carrier of your message regardless of the platform it chooses to engage with.

Probably this is one of the most important concepts in the whole transmedia deal; Engagement, that is “Emotional Engagement” to be precise, audiences relate easier to a good joke or a well-portrayed character than in a thirty second TV commercial spot, nowadays its no longer about ROI, ROE (Return Of Engagement) is the name of the game.

So now you know, your corporation must get to work right away to offer alternatives to your clients and maintain it’s presence, because as we stated at the beginning of this article, we are assuming everyone is familiar with your brand, or are they?

It all starts with getting your story straight.

Ulysses Pérez
Intermedia Studios, CEO

Ulysses has worked on Transmedia Storytelling & Media Series for Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the world's leading Education, Media and Content Provider, as well as several ongoing Digital Media projects for The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO), Bombardier Aerospace (NYSE: BBD.B) & Kerzner International (NYSE: KZL), developer and operator of destination resorts, casinos, and luxury hotels.

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